HealthHack is back again, bringing together health and technology disciplines to once again inspire and create. We'll be focussing on serious games in the health sector, using the latest biomedical technologies.

The mix of bioengineering, coding skills and domain-specific medical knowledge is why you should be excited about this event. You will also get to meet all the amazing researchers and developers who will be there to provide each team with genuine support and ideas because you will work on the causes they care about.

Our aim is to build a community of active young people who employ their acquired knowledge to tackle health issues and relieve thousands of people from their suffering. You - the participants, will shape this community the way you want it to be and we will always be there to facilitate your efforts and make the occasional hotfix when everything breaks. The three values which should stand out to you when reading this are inspire, share, deliver.


Teams can have up to 5 members.

Only one submission per team, to a chosen category. Submissions to more than one category may be excluded from the judging process.


Please submit your presentation slides, along with source code preferably via GitHub.

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Lifestyle & Wellbeing

Open Category

Rehabilitation & Disease Management

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Kerlann Le Calvez

Kerlann Le Calvez
Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust

Dr Seema Dadhania

Dr Seema Dadhania
Imperial College Department of Surgery & Cancer

Dr Spyros Masouros

Dr Spyros Masouros
Imperial College Department of Bioengineering

Judging Criteria

  • Category Criteria
    Hacks are judged upon various criteria based around how well they tackle the presented problem. Unimplemented ideas and understanding of the problem may also be taken into account.

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